Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Orleans

Running of the Bulls

Make a Statement 

This past weekend, we stopped in New Orleans to run with the Bulls, and by bulls, we mean Roller Derby girls, fully geared and sporting helmets adorned in giant, sometimes glittery, horns. Brandishing whiffle ball bats and rolling through on quad skates, the Bulls come charging through a sea of people to provide a swift whack on the ass, a far less dangerous test of one's wits to it's counterpart in Spain.

After crossing the finish line safely with all parts intact, we cooled off in a bath of bottomless mimosas and rested on a bed of the bayou's best oyster po boy...All while soaking the NOLA's rich history and resilient architecture.Where the crawfish are BIG and the livin' is EASY... if you haven't been, it's worth the visit!

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